The history of the ALL WE NEED brand began with the idea of ​​creating the perfect women's coat. In 2014, we presented our first models, and over the next 5 years, we expanded the range, becoming known as a brand that offers girls a complete basic wardrobe and clothes for special occasions.
In the fall of 2022, our men's lineup includes a sports base and a coat, and we are not going to stop there.
At the heart of our style are trendy suits, coats, knitwear, denim and things that can be easily combined with each other, while remaining yourself and emphasizing your own style, character and personality. A unique cut, a wide color palette and high quality allow you to make up-to-date images for any mood and event.
Our mission is to help a girl put together a smart wardrobe that gives her confidence and freedom. To achieve just such an effect, Alexey Efremov, the founder of the brand, pays special attention to the process of creating each collection and still personally approves the fabrics. The final lines of ALL WE NEED include only samples with a perfect fit, which are sewn from European fabrics at the factories of Moscow and the Moscow region.
We are chosen by girls who inspire thousands of people: Daria Kostromitina, Ursula Kim, Yasmina Muratovich, Anna Khilkevich, Sati Casanova.
And you, which we are very proud of.
We appreciate and love all our clients,
Your ALL WE NEED team
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