All We Need was founded in 2014. We set on a mission to create a perfect coat from day one. Since then we have spread the category range and offered the fashion community both trendy and classic pieces.

Our mission is making pieces that enhance the wearer's individuality.

Ease of styling, a sophisticated color palette and premium quality serve as our key values and points of difference.

At the start-up stage, when choosing fabrics and suppliers, every time we found something perfect, we exclaimed: "That is all we need." The phrase was pleasant to our ears and corresponded with our values, so we decided to name the brand All we need and that's how the name was born.

Today we produce collections locally in Moscow and the Moscow region, and source the majority of fabrics directly from italian factories.

We control the quality of our collections at all stages of production. Designers work out sketches, thwn we select the best models and develop test samples. We carry out fittings and modify the samples until the fit is perfect. After that, the approved samples are sent to the factor to later transform into a complete collection.

Simultaneous work with several designers allows us to realize our best ideas. Working without intermediaries directly with italian fabric factories and sewing collections locally in Russia lets us to constantly optimize costs and be more price-friendly to our loyal audience.

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