All great stories started with a small step, and ALL WE NEED started with the idea of ​​creating the perfect women's coat. In 2014, the brand presented its first models, over the next 5 years it expanded its range, and today it is ready to present a complete basic wardrobe.
It is based on trendy suits and coats that can be easily combined with each other. Unique cut, wide color palette and high quality products allow you to create actual images for any mood and event.
The mission of the brand is to help the girl to create a smart wardrobe in which she will always be sure. To achieve just such an effect, Alexey Efremov, the founder of the brand, pays special attention to the process of creating each collection. The final lines of ALL WE NEED include only products with a perfect fit: they are sewn from European fabrics at the factories of Moscow and the Moscow region.
ALL WE NEED is not about mass, but about individuality. The concept of the brand is based on the principle of compatibility. Forming a fashionable capsule, a girl can choose things according to the principle of a designer and create an infinite number of different outfits that will emphasize her style and character.
At the moment, ALL WE NEED clothes are in the wardrobe of star self-made women: Yasmina Muratovich, Ursula Kim, Anna Khilkevich, Sati Kazanova and others.
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