Individualism as a basis of femininity. Women of various races talk about self-love and diversity in beauty.

Femininity is about being yourself. We invited four women of different color skin types to try on the classic coats from All We Need collection and show how they compliments each of their individual looks.

Universally flattering in fit and silhouette, the coats come in a muted and sophisticated color palette of light beige, brown, camel, beige, khaki and light brown that highlight the beauty of each individual's eye color, brow shape and hair structure.


  • Asian girl Aida with dark wavy hair
  • Zhenya with voluminous hair and distinctive eyes White-skinned
  • Vera with light hair
  • Yulia with an ultra feminine shape (plus size model)




Minimalistic Carrie, Harvey and Flora robe coats aside, we styled double-breasted Christian and CO036 coats during the shoot. These styles stand out from the rest due to their fabrics: the dense material holds its shape and creates necessary structure. Conversely, the robe coats are made of soft imperfection-concealing and shape-accentuating fabrics.


Beauty is not about being a certain size. Beauty is for everyone. Beauty is equal for women of all colors, shapes and sizes. We are on a mission to create pieces for all women to feel comfortable in and accentuate their best assets.