Рубашка (натуральный шёлк) Голубой цвет
Рубашка (натуральный шёлк) Голубой цвет
Рубашка (натуральный шёлк) Голубой цвет
Рубашка (натуральный шёлк) Голубой цвет
Рубашка (натуральный шёлк) Голубой цвет
Рубашка (натуральный шёлк) Голубой цвет
Рубашка (натуральный шёлк) Голубой цвет
арт. 2305W1306P-17

Рубашка (натуральный шёлк)

13 990 ₽ / apx. $159.44
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Description and composition

Natural silk shirt. This unique material has an expensive shine and pleasantly cools the skin in the heat. We have carefully selected fabrics with the right weight to ensure that the item will last you for a long time. The model has a classic straight fit, cuffs, a stand-up collar and a placket with tonal buttons. The shirt looks status and allows you to experiment: wear it with a skirt, as a cardigan on a dress or to the office with a suit.

Care instructions
1. Hand wash in cool water with delicate products for silk.
Do not use alkaline products.
Don't rub.
Do not twist.
Rinse thoroughly.
2. Do not bleach
3. Iron at a temperature not exceeding 115°C, without steam, from the wrong side, without waiting for the fabric to dry completely.
4. Dry horizontally on a soft surface
5. Delicate dry cleaning
Item measurements
Arm span, cm
98 102 106 110 114
Total length, cm    
71 71,5 72 72,5 73
Sleeve length, cm 
61,9 62,3 62,7 63,1 63,5
Model measurements

Model is wearing XS

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